KeeKee Kutz Dog&Cat Grooming LLC is a Pet Grooming Company in Cleveland, OH

Welcome to KeeKee Kutz Dog&Cat Grooming LLC, the premier pet groomer serving Cleveland, OH and the surrounding area. Here, we love animals and want them to live long, full, happy lives! The key to ensuring a pet receives amazing care and is well looked after is proper grooming. We offer dog grooming, cat grooming, and rabbit grooming, creating a relaxing and welcoming environment so that your pet feels welcomed and calm. Our team is extremely gentle, patient, and quick to pick up on the temperament of your furry baby! Proper animal hygiene and care is what we are passionate about and with over 15 years of experience, we have the knowledge and training to get your pet looking and feeling great!

We strive to remove the stress of grooming at home by providing a wide variety of services. Our expert team can handle ear cleaning, dematting, nail filing, nail clipping, tooth brushing, hair dying, flea treatments, gum treatments, and more! We can handle the cleaning and grooming and you only have to worry about belly rubs and cuddles! Our prices are affordable and we have ongoing promotions and loyalty punch cards!

Regular grooming is the best way to keep your pet healthy, happy and with us, now it's easy! When it comes to grooming you can trust, we have got you and your fur baby covered. Please contact KeeKee Kutz Dog&Cat Grooming LLC today for more information!

KeeKee Kutz is looking for an experienced, part-time groomer. Serious inquiries only. If you are interested you can call me for a possible telephone interview. Potential applicants will be selected for a follow up face-to-face interview. Telephone: 216-862-4602; Email:

What Makes Us Proud
  • 15 Years of Experience
  • Affordable
  • Professional
  • Reliable
Locations Served
  • Cleveland, OH